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Done looking? Well, here's some websites I recommend:

Custom doll and patterns sites

Hey Little Girl

Collector's Dream

Val's Custom Volks Dolls

XOXO, Blythe

Free patterns @ cloth doll connection

Nunodoll *JAPANESE*

Dolls for Joy and Pleasure *CZECH/ENGLISH*

Jaidan's Couture

MHD Designs

Sue's Tiny Costumes

Application and "How to" tips Has the how to on customizing Pullips *NEW*

eBay Guides: Sizing Patterns

How to paint Anime styled eyes

Needle method of head rooting

How to re-root doll hair

How to apply eye decals

Links to finding dolls and dollparts on the web:

Volks inc

Junky Spot

Mimi Collection

Obitsu body and custom doll PARABOX shop

Hobby Link Japan

Hobby Search Doll and Costume Online Store

The Valley of the Dolls *NEW*

Magma Heritage *NEW*

Pullip Style *NEW*

Flickr:StarxCrossed *NEW*

Fabric and Sewing supplies

Atelier Jade

Cia's Palette

Kitty Craft

Jo-Ann fabric and craft store

Repro Depot

Mailing Lists

Sewing for dolls and figures *NEW*

OOAK Fashion Dolls

Misc Sites

The Book of Habidabad: a Dark Crystal fansite

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