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About me

It's a me, Mayu!

DoB: 24, December 1982

Gender: Female

Interests: Video games, anime, just about any fantasy, horror or monster movie, pet care and going to college.

Hobbies: Writing fanfics and stories, drawing, making dolls and doll clothes, swimming and reading.

Favorite Movies (both animated and live action): The Dark Crystal, any JAPANESE Gojira/Godzilla films, Zeiram one and two, Hakaider, Tao no Tsuki, Reincarnation, House of a 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects, the Saw movies, Hostel, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Lensman, the Vampire Hunter D films, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Windaria, The Project A-ko series, Chronicals of Narnia, Zu Warriors of Magic Mountain (the 1982 version), Fantasia, The Black Cauldron, The Unico films based of Osamu Tezuka's manga, the Last Unicorn, the Master Q films, Steamboy and Wonderful Days (aka Sky Blue).

Favorite music genres: Metal, Rock, Asian music (eg. J-Rock, J-pop), Techno, Rave, Powerhouse, Electronica, New Age, Retro, Classic Rock, and World.

Favorite artists: Keita Amemiya, Yoshitaka Amano, Brian Froud, Hyun Tae Kim, Heidi Arnhold , Kou and You Yoshinari and Nobuteru Yuuki.

Favorite video games: Final Fantasy I-V, Final Fantasy VII series, Final Fantasy XII, Bahamut Lagoon, Rudra no Hihou/Treasure of the Rudras, Valkyrie Profile one and two, The Mana/Seiken Densetsu series, The Legend of Zelda series (except Wind Waker and Zelda II: The Adventures of Link), the Metroid series, Kingdom Hearts II, Soul Calibur series and the Super Smash Bros series.

Favorite systems: NES/Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3.

Favorite Authors: Stephen King, CS Lewis, David A Kyle, ACH Smith, Mariko Ohara and Hideyuki Kikuchi.

Personal Quote: Keep on trying. All you can do is your best!

Tools of the trade: Needles, thread and any fabric I can get my hands on.

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